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Domain Registration

Domain registration is not a requirement to have a web site.  Without a registered domain, you will be able to access your site from one of the hesslingnet.net servers using an address like (the actual domain name may vary depending on the server):

Many prefer to have a unique domain name.  Once set up, the website can be accessed by the address:

hesslingnet.net will register on your behalf any of the following  domain types through one of our reliable services.  The price schedule for the various domain names are as follows:

.com ($15/year)
.net ($15/year)
.org ($15/year)
.ca ($25/year)
.co.uk ($21 for 2 years)
.org.uk ($21 for 2 years)
.tv ($42/year)
.biz ($15/year; 2 year minimum)
.info ($15/year; 2 year minimum)
.cc ($37/year)
.US ($15/year; 2 year minimum)
If you already have a domain name registered, then we can transfer that domain name to our services for only the cost of one additional year of registration.  Or if you prefer to leave the registration where it is already, then it is a simple matter of re-directing it to your new web site on hesslingnet.net.

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