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hesslingnet.net websites are available with POP email accounts and also allow web-based email access. 

POP stands for "Post Office Protocol" and is the method that e-mail programs, such as Eudora, Netscape Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook or Outlook Express, etc., use to retrieve e-mail. Each POP account has its own unique login and password.  This allows you to send and receive email from your personal computer when you are at home or at your own computer.  Multiple POP accounts work well if you need e-mail addresses for several people within your organization. 

The web-based email is provided using a program called "SquirrelMail".  This allows you to access your email anytime you are away from your own computer by using any of the popular browser programs like Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, or Miscorsoft Interent Explorer, etc, on anyone elses computer.

Also available are email re-direction and autoresponders.  You can have your POP e-mail addresses with hesslingnet.net automatically forwarded to other e-mail addresses (i.e., have all e-mail sent to webmaster@yourname.com forwarded to your e-mail address with your Internet Service Provider such as AOL).

Autoresponders reply to incoming e-mail messages automatically. An autoresponder could be used to send "more information" to persons that send e-mail to a specific address, such as info@yourname.com. If you have ever sent an e-mail and received a reply within 5 minutes, you probably received a message automatically generated by an autoresponder.

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